Book: Keep it Simple

Affordable Family Meals — by Steffi Mueller

Keep it Simple is truly unique! No more frustration with losing your page or fussing around with fancy gadgets to keep your book open at the right spot. This book will allow you to Keep it Simple by helping you to be more organised and less stressed about providing simple and affordable but tasty, healthy family meals.

It includes:

112 delicious, simple recipes with a focus on planning to save you money and time and eliminate stress

  • Mouthwatering photos for each recipe
  • Preparation and cooking times
  • Easy to follow steps
  • Week-long summer and winter menus
  • Shopping checklists
  • Survival food lists for your pantry, fridge and freezer
  • Plenty of space for your notes
  • Integrated unique and sturdy stand

Keep it Simple is the cookbook you have always wanted. It's a wonderful refresher for the experienced home cook, a must-have for those building confidence when cooking for family and friends and the perfect gift.

ISBN 978-0-473-17066-0

From the Author

Just the other day, my daughter asked me why I loved to cook so much and it really got me thinking. What was it about cooking that I enjoyed so much? After some thought and some serious soul searching, I realised that I associated food with many happy childhood memories and even now, many social occasions are based on the sharing of food and drink.

Growing up in East Germany, resources were limited and food was almost considered a luxury item but despite that, some of my earliest memories are linked both to watching and helping my mum prepare dinner on a shoestring budget. I remember heating up the coal oven in the morning before work to make sure we had a hot stove to cook dinner on that day. I remember the excitement of having friends and family joining us for dinner and having a roast, or perhaps even dessert, as a special treat. I remember the excitement associated with the endless time sent lining up to buy food at the store, often not knowing what we would get until we got our share of whatever they were selling that day. I remember the many fond conversations and roaring laughter that often brought us to tears which were shared around the dinner table.

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