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Steffi August presents interesting, powerful, and entertaining workshops
you and your staff should not miss.

Steffi August is a passionate and energetic powerhouse. As a motivational speaker and trainer, Steffi delivers a powerful message to individuals, corporates and small businesses.

With a clear message, Steffi is about empowering individuals to have the confidence to succeed - in their career, their private lives and with their most desired goals and dreams.

All workshops can be customised for your needs. Focused on both theory and practical application, the benefits are plain to see.

Put YOUR dreams into YOUR own GPS - My biggest purpose in life is to help and inspire you to achieve your life goals and to chase your dreams. I will show you the exact steps you need to overcome your obstacles and teach you how to make every second of your life count!

Course duration: 2 ½ hours - max 20 participants

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Magnetize Your Audience - Magnetize Your Audience will move you beyond your limits of public speaking to delivery compelling presentations. With new skills and practice, even the most reluctant presenter will speak with ease.

Course duration: 4 hours - max 20 participants

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Speak Up With Confidence - Oral communication is such an important part of our everyday life, and often a lack of confidence in this area can have huge life consequences. This program is designed to meet the needs of all levels of presenters and speakers.

Course duration: 6 weeks of 2 hours workshops before, during or after work - max 10 participants

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The Secret of Outstanding Customer Service - Developing a greater appreciation of what customer service is and is not will create awareness. With this clarity, employees can focus on raising their level of service.
We all have challenging customers. Today more than ever before, customers expect top service and if they don't get it, they certainly don't hesitate to tell you. How you deal with these customers is the key.

Course duration: 3 hours - max 20 participants

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Creating A Healthy Workplace - During our life, we spend a considerable amount of time at our workplace. Whilst we might not all be doing something we absolutely love, we do have a choice about whether we  strive to love what we do.
A happy workplace is a productive workplace and pro-actively creating a positive environment will do wonders for the success of your business.

Course duration: 3 hours - unlimited number of participants

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