The Secret of Outstanding Customer Service

How to win and keep customers

Developing a greater appreciation of what customer service is and is not will create awareness. With this clarity, employees can focus on raising their level of service.

We all have challenging customers. Today more than ever before, customers expect top service and if they don't get it, they certainly don't hesitate to tell you. How you deal with these customers is the key. Maximum 20 people.

During this 3-hour seminar you will learn how to:

  • Understand the increasing expectations of your customers
  • Examine the responsibilities of a customer service representative
  • Create a customer service culture
  • Discover what it is to go the extra mile
  • Maximise your opportunity to 'front' your organisation

The Outcome

  • Participants will gain a renewed perspective of the importance of their role as customer facing stewards of the business.
  • A fresh customer service culture will be initiated with strategies to nurture and grow this throughout the business.

Seminar duration: 3 hours - max 20 participants

"Every company's greatest assets are its customers,
because without customers there is no company."

Michael LeBoeuf

 L O A D I N G